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    mardi 16 juin 2015

    Entre Lacs : émission du 18.06.2015

    To top March 1 th season of the show Between Lakes, Daniel Bernard brought together Protestants and Catholics from both sides of the border. For work, leisure, shopping ... and even for religious services, Swiss and French know no borders. But the institutions they have taken so far?

    Françoise Verdonnet assumed many commitments in the diocese of Annecy, today with the pastoral care of Catholic education in Haute-Savoie. Pastor Roland Benz, come from science, teaches theology at the Ecumenical Workshop in Geneva. Dr. Jean-Marc Ventre plays an important role in animation - especially Bible - Protestant communities in Annecy. Finally, Father Marc Passera, pastor of Thônex, participates in an ecumenical reflection involving the Franco-Swiss ministry.

    Each of the guests will share his experiences to tell how "Believing today". Finally the challenges are quite similar that either one side or the other of the border: civil society is not spontaneously hospitable to believers. And these have to reinvent new ways to present and share "the proposal of faith." And all are reduced to the essential requirement that is "Remember to love."

    Here are 3 years Entre Lacs is a monthly event produced by Sibylle Pastré on behalf of RCF Haute-Savoie. Various subjects representing cultural and spiritual contribution of Geneva have been presented by journalist Daniel Bernard. Such collaboration serves a population that crosses borders and who rightly feel the need to learn and understand. 

    © RCF / Josiane Griot
    © RCF / Josiane Griot

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